Sell Broken Laptop for Cash Near Me

Top Reasons to Sell Your Laptop for Cash

So, you are looking for the place to sell your laptop. Good for you. It was never be a problem to sell a broken laptop for cash near me. How is it possible? Why do people trade their gadgets? There is an explanation. It is as simple as ABC.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

In the technologically advanced world of today, most people rely have spare, used or broken laptops at home. Look around! It seems like there is a new product coming out every week that promises better connectivity and a more user friendly experience. These constant advancements in the world of laptops and mobile devices led to a lot of used and unwanted equipment. If you are in need to sell a broken laptop for cash without many efforts, then you need to check into selling it online. Sure enough, when you sell laptop online, you will get cash for it. Isn’t it a result you wanted?

In order to have the best laptop for cash experience, you will need to find the right online company to deal with. The choice is big. There are many online shops and auctions to trade with you. Of course, you may need some research. You need to find a company that is both reputable and has been in business for a good amount of time. The more you are able to find out about the prospective buyers out there, the easier you will find it to choose the right one. Here are a few of the top reasons to sell your old laptop online.


Save the environment

One of the best reasons to sell your laptop rather than just throwing it away is that it is much better on the environment. With all of the wasted electronics cluttering up the landfills around the country, finding space for everything is getting to be a problem. By selling your laptop for cash, you will be able to have your old laptop used by someone who really needs it. The more recycling that can be done in the world of electronics, the easier it will be to reduce the overall amount of waste.

Make a profit

For most people, the biggest reason they sell their laptop is because of money they can get for it. If you can sell the old laptop you have for cash, then you will be able to spend that money for a new laptop. This will allow you to not only get rid of the clutter in your home, it will allow you to get the laptop you really want. Make sure you search around online until you find the right buyer for the laptop you have.

Very Secure

Among the biggest concerns most people have when selling their laptops is the personal data savings. Most of the companies you find online have a strict policy when it comes to deleting personal data from the computers they are re-purposing. But when you have to transfer you laptop on your own, you should think over this question.

Easy to Do

Another reason to sell your laptop online is that it is very easy to do even if you are not tech savvy. In most cases, all you need to do is to enter in your information and the make and model of your computer. The buyer will then give you an estimate of what they can pay you for the machine.


Selling your laptop online has never been easier, safer and faster. Simply get a quote online, print your shipping label, ship your laptop and get paid.

  1. Get paid faster!

The company offers different shipping and payment methods that helps speed up the process. Choose PayPal or any other available paying method.

  1. Risk free transaction!

All your data is professionally erased beyond recovery! So you don’t have to worry about your sensitive data failing into the wrong hands!

  1. Get the highest quote for your laptop

The company always strives to offer the highest amount possible in the market. They understand that reselling a used iPhone or a laptop can be tedious, especially with some many options to choose from. Many laptop resellers and repair shops offer unrealistic amounts, then slashing the quotes upon delivery. This is why it is recommended to research a company before doing business with them.

  1. When do you get paid?

Your payment is issued within 24 hrs. That’s so fast! Selling your iPhone, smartphone, or gaming console you shouldn’t worry about delivery. Laptops and Macbooks can take up to 48 hrs. The overall process is shorter than any competitor since you don’t have to wait for shipping kit to be delivered to you.

  1. What type of electronics can you sell?

Pretty much any electronics in any condition. Laptop, Cell Phones, iPhones, GPS units, mp3 players, video gaming consoles, etc. No matter its condition, broken laptop screen, cracked or smashed iPhone screen. The company will make you an offer. And as always, shipping is free.

  1. Can you sell a dead laptop?

Yes. You can even get paid for laptops that other websites “gladly will recycle for free”. Try to deal with a company-expert in laptops and they do know how much each laptop is worth.

Looking for the place to sell broken laptop near you, go online. Use free shipping option and deliver your device to the company’s manager as fast as possible. All laptops they received go through a special test to make sure that all its parts are fully functional. Most laptops are refurbished and put back in the market. Some laptops are taken apart are their parts are used to refurbish other laptops. Unused and non working parts are sold to scrap metal warehouses. As you can see, your even broken laptop is still in need. There is always an opportunity to make use of it.

Get Extra Cash for Laptop

Sell and Buy Tips: Get Extra Cash for Laptop

You may get cash for laptop, no matter it is new or used. The matter is which of them brings more money. So, if the laptop has been used, it isn’t brand new. If the laptop was used for five minutes… it isn’t brand new. If you break the seal on the packaging, you can’t sell it is brand new.

Get Extra Cash for LaptopSelling Tips for Extra Money

So, if you are going to sell laptop on eBay or other platform, there is a doubt as to whether it is brand new or not to get more money. This fact is really important. Many people try to sell a Very Slightly Used product as brand new to get cash for laptop. The truth is that it is cheaper than you are dreaming of.

Most people, if they are going to purchase their new laptop, think of eBay at the last turn. So if you are selling your Toshiba S55 for $699, and Staples is selling the same Toshiba S55 for $699, people are going to get it from Staples rather than get it from you. You should put the price lower, even if the laptop is almost new. Remember that!

Of course, you can attempt to sell it on Amazon, believe it or not. And you can try to sell laptop online for other popular platform. However, that means that it will have to come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, you can take more money for it. You can attempt to sell it to the pawn shop for the half of the price of more, but you still cannot sell your used laptop as the brand new. Thus, on eBay, people use other options to look at right there in their search, so it kind of automatically educates the shopper in shopping around. Pawn shops work internationally. Nevertheless, free shipping in your region is available as the true deal, indeed.

Buying Tips

How to Know If You’re Getting a Good Deal

The most of people think that the best time to sell old laptops is laptop sale. Definitely, whenever you find a laptop sale – in December, August or April – it can be hard to tell whether you’re actually getting your extra money or not. From the other hand, if you want to buy used machine, you should know what the product normally sells for. There are a couple of ways to tell:

Use a price-history tool:

A couple of sites track price changes, so, you can see if today’s price is really the lowest it has ever been at one particular retailer. There are many programs from your internet provider that are helping to show the price-history graph for most products on Amazon or something. However, there are no available services to track the price history from other key services, such as, or Microsoft Store. Try to use Google search to find the prices.

Visit deal aggregators:

Deal news sites watch the pricing and pay attention to the best deals in their posts. You can check different sites for the price rate, whenever you want to buy a laptop or get cash for laptop.

To Wait or Not to Wait?

When deciding whether to buy now or wait, you have to consider both price and obsolescence. From a price perspective, you are likely to see some great deals: extra money to sell and cheap price to buy. Do not worry about your new laptop becoming obsolete soon after you buy it, the answer depends on the brand and type you choose. Apple fans who are in love with the MacBook Pro, shouldn’t expect any major changes until 2018 and those who want a business or gaming laptop probably won’t see models with new Intel CPUs until then either.

If you’re buying a PC laptop for work, you can buy now with confidence. About selling laptops, they are getting older every day. The year comes to the end. The new year brings more new models. That makes your old machine, even brand new, out-of-date.

Cash for LaptopShould You Buy Refurbished Laptop?

If you’re trying to squeeze the most value out of every dollar of your next laptop purchase, consider buying a refurbished unit. This is your chance to save money and get slightly more functionality by having a product that’s not fresh of the factory line. As you might expect, there are some caveats and risks involved with getting a refurbished laptop. To help you decide whether and how to buy a refurbished laptop, there are main facts to consider if you are going to buy or sell refurbished device, equally:

Lower cost, but worse battery life and performance.

Where Do Refurbished Laptops Come From?

Refurbished laptops come from the different sources, including businesses that trade in their old laptops, and consumers returning systems either because they decided they didn’t want them or because there was a serious defect. Failures and defects account for a certain percentage of refurbs. Microsoft refurbishers mostly work with enterprise equipment, but even though the laptop started out as enterprise, you get it at the consumer price. If it’s for work, shopping, email and other basic tech uses, refurbished is absolutely the way to go. Just try to check it and buy it from the special shop to have at least minimum guarantee.

The Difference between Used and Refurbished

Are you going to get cash for laptop? You must know the difference between the used and refurbished device to put the right price. Regardless of its route to the laptop spa, manufacturers or third-party authorized refurbishers typically sanitize, sort and grade the units based on physical look and functionality. They disassemble each one, checking for damaged components, battery function, screen quality, power supply, loose connections, hard drive and optical drive. If a seller does not follow a process like this, the product isn’t really refurbished; it’s used. Try to be the honest seller to provide the fair trade. Whatever laptop you have, brand new, used, refurbished, broken, you can always make use of it.